Religious Studies

Religious studies student in ParisInternational students may be very interested in pursuing a degree abroad in religious studies. The world covers a pantheon of beliefs and studying abroad may allow students to go where the foremost experts teach and practice the religions that interest them most. 

Students interested in religious studies may specialize in a variety of areas including Biblical studies, Religious Counseling, Ministry, or Theology. They may be interested in specializing in the study of one religion such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, or others. Students should consider their career goals when selecting a program and a destination for their studies. Are you interested in being a pastor or a counselor? Are you interested in studying the holy books or ancient texts or in teaching at a university. Religious studies may prepare you for these or other paths.

Religious studies programs may also involve a cross-disciplinary approach depending on the school and program. For instance you may be able to combine your studies of religion with anthropology, psychology, sociology or other fields of interest depending on your goals.

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