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The U.S. University System

University System

There are several different types of colleges and universities in the United States where you can earn your degree. A college or university is also referred to as an institution, and it’s important to research which type is right for you.

Types of Institutions

Private institutions

This means that the college or university is not provided with funding from the state in which they are located. They are independent, and as such, have complete control over the allocation of the financial resources they receive.

Social Culture in the United States

Social Culture

The United States is a large country with a diverse social culture. However, there are some social characteristics and ideals that span the breadth of social cultural identities in the United States.

All people are considered equal. In the United States, all people are considered equal. While divisive notions based on class, race, gender, and sexuality do exist, they aren’t embraced or necessarily accepted by the general public. Ideally, and in theory, all people in the U.S. are equal and therefore deserve 100 percent equal treatment.

Business Administration, Management, and Operations


Business is a vast field that includes business administration, management, and operations. While each subfield is strikingly similar, they are also slightly different. Business administrators primarily focus on the administrative aspects of running a business, business managers mostly focus on managing specific sectors within a business, and people working in operations typically focus on the overall effectiveness of a business. While each of these three subfields is subtly different, they are also remarkably similar.

Tips & Tricks for Mastering the TOEFL


First and foremost, read about the TOEFL. Then, once you’ve determined how much time you need to study and by when you need to take the test, register for the TOEFL. Registering for the test makes it real and may provide motivation to study. Then, do the following to prepare for the TOEFL:

Idioms and Slang in the United States


So you’re studying in the United States and kickin’ it with a new, English-speaking posse. Even though you feel like they know you inside out, you realize that much of the time, their words are in one ear and out the other; nothing they say really makes sense. They often times approach you and say things like, “What’s up?” and then move on without waiting for an answer. Sometimes they even walk away saying things like, “Get at me later”, or simply, “later”.

Studying Abroad in an English Speaking Country

English Speaking

When exploring your options for where in the world you will study abroad, it is important to take language barriers into account. If during your studies you've found yourself fascinated by a foreign language, follow that intrigue and consider studying abroad with one of the Intensive Language Programs.

Housing in the United States as an International Student

Student Housing

Studying in the United States means living in the United States and finding the perfect house or apartment can help you to make the most of your international experience. There are a variety of housing options in the U.S. and, depending on the city, a wide range of affordable options. Picking a comfortable, affordable, and convenient house or apartment can make your experience in the United States a safer and more enjoyable one.

How Studying in the U.S. Develops a Global Mindset

Global Mindset

A “global mindset” means many things: a broad worldview; a sensibility and sensitivity to cultural difference, knowledge of a foreign language, international experience.  Students who study abroad – who study in the U.S. – bring their unique cultural experience and worldviews to our campuses and local communities.  The diversity of our society adds great value to the experience of international students.