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The ability to formulate the perfect balance of freedom and form is an art that has been admired since the beginning of time. Artists who have succeeded in finding such a balance have created influential works that have continued, to this day, to be thought of with esteem. The creation of such esteemed works has been accomplished by architects, painters, sculptors, photographers, graphic designers and others. Those artists have typically, and often times unwittingly, devoted their lives to capturing the expressions of the world in an art form most stimulating and palatable to the consumers of their expressions. Evidence of those expressions is sprinkled throughout the world in the forms of buildings, prints and other media and continues to draw the admiration and appreciation of society.     

What Types of People Earn a Degree in Fine Art & Design?  

Are you an artistic or design? If you find yourself fitting any of the following descriptions, you just might be.

  • You love textures! Colors! Shapes! Forms! Space!
  • You are fascinated by the breadth, depth, and expansiveness of artistic expression
  • You wish to quietly impact the lives of others and to leave an imprint of your creativity on your community  
  • You love the challenge of balancing simplicity with complexity

Career Paths

Fine art can cover a variety of disciplines that may prepare students for careers as professional dancers, musicians, painters, sculptors, glass blowers, film makers, photographers, actors, or any number of other rewarding artistic pursuits. Design can cover a variety of options including graphic design, interior design or industrial design.

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