FAQs about UniversitiesAbroad.com

What is UniversitiesAbroad.com?

UniversitiesAbroad.com is an online resource for students who want to study outside their home country and are looking for education options.

UniversitiesAbroad.com is owned and operated by EducationDynamics, LLC, an industry leader in higher education marketing. EducationDynamics’ headquarters is located at 5 Marine View Plaza, Suite 212, Hoboken, NJ 07030. Visit educationdynamics.com for more information.

Is UniversitiesAbroad.com a college or university?

No, UniversitiesAbroad.com is not a college or university. Our site does not offer classes or any type of academic credit. Instead, UniversitiesAbroad.com represents thousands of colleges and universities, helping prospective students find more options in a single, online directory.

Am I required to "join," or create an account before I can receive information?

No, you are not required to register for anything on the UniversitiesAbroad.com website. However, if you find a program or programs that match your interests, and you wish to be contacted by an enrollment counselor (by phone, email, and/or postal mail), you will need to provide some basic information about yourself. When you submit your information request, you must also agree that UniversitiesAbroad.com may contact you with follow-up notices and advice.

If you decide you are no longer interested in receiving updates and college information, you may opt out of UniversitiesAbroad.com's emails at any time. If you decide you do not wish to be contacted by the institution(s) you selected, you must contact the institution(s) directly, and ask to be removed from any contact lists. UniversitiesAbroad.com cannot retract information that has already been submitted to schools listed on our site, and UniversitiesAbroad.com cannot make opt-out requests on your behalf.

Is my information safe with UniversitiesAbroad.com? What is UniversitiesAbroad.com's Privacy Policy?

UniversitiesAbroad.com is committed to protecting your privacy. Please read our Privacy Policy before submitting any of your personal information.

How many schools and programs does UniversitiesAbroad.com list?

The exact number of schools and programs changes frequently, but the site generally lists tens of thousands of programs from thousands of colleges and universities around the world.

I can't find a program that matches my criteria.  What should I do?

Check back on a regular basis!  Colleges and universities regularly add and update their programs on UniversitiesAbroad.com which means that you may find the program you are seeking in the future. Also consider alternative options such as different countries or related subjects.

I am interested in an international education but can't leave my country right now. Do you have options?

UniversitiesAbroad.com provides information on a variety of online programs from schools in different countries. You may be able to earn an international degree without ever leaving your home, much less your country.