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    Merkaz Bnos-Business School

Merkaz Bnos-Business School

2115 Benson Avenue
Brooklyn , NY
United States

Institution Overview Merkaz Bnos Business School (MBS) is an education institution, offering opportunities in several business related programs to all traditional and non-traditional students. The aim of the school is to provide an education environment where both students and staff to work together towards their career goals. MBS welcomes students from all around the globe, without any restrictions on their education background. If you are interested in applying at Merkaz Bnos Business School, you have to print out an Application Form from the official website of the school. You have to fill it out manually, answering all questions and to send it to the postal address of the institution alongside a $50 fee. The programs offered by MBS are either diploma or certificate programs. Diploma programs have the prerequisite of a high school diploma or a General Equivalency Diploma (GED). The certificate programs at MBS do not require high school graduation, but all students have to pass a general aptitude test.


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