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Art & Architecture

Search the UniversitiesAbroad.com directory for Art & Architecture programs to find the one that's right for you. Compare based on program level (bachelor's, master's, doctorate, certificate or associates degree), program type (online degree, campus or hybrid program) and location. Start your search for Art & Architecture programs today.


Art and Architecture as a Field


The ability to formulate the perfect balance of freedom and form is an art that has been admired since the beginning of time. Artists who have succeeded in finding such a balance have created influential works that have continued, to this day, to be thought of with esteem. The creation of such esteemed works has been accomplished by architects, painters, sculptors, photographers, graphic designers and others. Those artists have typically, and often times unwittingly, devoted their lives to capturing the expressions of the world in an art form most stimulating and palatable to the consumers of their expressions. Evidence of those expressions is sprinkled throughout the world in the forms of buildings, prints and other media and continues to draw the admiration and appreciation of society.     


If you wish to throw your life to the whims of creation, consider earning a degree in art and architecture and pursue work in the field. Artistic architects devote their talents to designing and developing works of art that also function as livable spaces. They work to create such spaces directly as architects or indirectly as engineers, graphic, interior, or exterior designers, or other types of artists dedicated to the field. No matter their specific role, artistic architects devote their creative energies to finding that perfect balance of freedom and form. Are you an artistic architect? Does it make sense for you to earn a degree in the subject and to work in the field? Continue on to see.


What Types of People Earn a Degree in Art and Architecture?  


Are you an artistic architect? If you find yourself fitting any of the following descriptions, you just might be.


  • You love textures! Colors! Shapes! Forms! Space!
  • You are fascinated by the breadth, depth, and expansiveness of artistic expression and you crave the simplicity and straight-forwardness of structure and form  
  • You wish to quietly impact the lives of others and to leave an imprint of your creativity on your community  
  • You love to create a sense of power and adventure, security and familiarity for individuals, families and communities through the artistic creation of structure and form
  • You love the challenge of balancing simplicity with complexity


These are just some of the descriptions of artistic architects. Sound like you? If so, consider earning a degree in the fascinating and influential subject.  


What Types of Classes are Offered in Art and Architecture Programs?


Programs in art and architecture can offer courses in the broad subjects of architecture, engineering, and environmental, interior and graphic design. They also allow students to focus their studies on the intricacies of their chosen subject. At the same time, students can often times take courses in artistic application and theory. Overall, programs in art and architecture offer a curriculum in which students can gain an expansive awareness of the field and a skilled knowledge of their particular emphasis. Ultimately, students who have completed a program in art and architecture may be prepared for a career in which they can seek to create the perfect balance between freedom and form.


Career Paths


People with a degree in art and architecture could work as architects, engineers, or designers. They focus their intentions on creating original and custom buildings (including homes, office complexes and other buildings), structures (including anything from sculptures to playground equipment), and spaces (including parks, courtyards, and other spaces). No matter their medium, people working in the field of artistic architecture pay particular attention to creating artistic and interesting details that distinguish their works of art from others. They create living, breathing pieces of art that people interact with on a regular if not daily basis.


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Winter Park, FL,
United States
Full Sail University

Creativity. Imagination. Original ideas. No matter where your passion lies, one of the keys to a sustainable career in the future will be the ability to think creatively and have the skills to bring your ideas to life in a meaningful way.


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Randolph Center, VT,
United States
Vermont Technical College

Vermont Technical College is a public technical college with a campus in Randolph Center. The college is part of the Vermont State Colleges (VSC) system that includes Castleton State College, Johnson State College, Lyndon State College, and the Comm ...

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Liberty , Liberty,
William Jewell College

William Jewell College provides an outstanding undergraduate experience for students who wish to invest themselves in their own education. In addition to the foundation of excellence in the core curriculum, the College provides bountiful enrichment< ...

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Forest City, IA,
United States
Waldorf College

At Waldorf College, it’s all about YOU! We offer popular majors, small classes, loads of sports and activities, and a vibrant college community.  Big possibilities await you in the small town of Forest City, Iowa! Waldorf is a friendly, p ...

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Colchester, VT,
United States
Saint Michael's College

At St. Mike's, we put great thought and care into what our students learn--and how they learn it. Whether you're studying the environment, the global economy, new media, psychology, biochemistry, world religions or accounting, you'll be& ...

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Pittsburgh, PA,
United States
Chatham University

Chatham University prepares students from around the world to help develop solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges. Consistently ranked among the top master’s-level institutions in the Northeast by U.S. News &< ...

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Plymouth, NH,
United States
Plymouth State University

Plymouth State University is a regional comprehensive university offering a rich, student-focused learning environment with an enrollment of approximately 4,300 undergraduate and approximately 3,000 graduate students. The 170-acre campus offers a Ne ...

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Arcata, CA,
United States
Humboldt State University

What sets Humboldt State University apart? Innovation begins with the way we approach the teacher-student relationship. Many colleges boast prestigious, but distant, faculty members. Our students actually know their world-renowned professors. In add ...

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Suite 1617 (New York Admissions Office), New York,
Studio Art Centers International, Florence, Italy

SACI is the oldest and most prestigious American art school in Florence.


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Rochester, NY,
United States
Rochester Institute of Technology RIT is a nationally respected leader in professional and career-oriented education. Talented, ambitious, and creative student ...

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